Skybox FAQ

I never got my group invite. How to I get into the group?

Use the group button on the rentbox to get re-invited.

How do I get my friends into the group?

Your friend has to pay 30 L$ (or more) into your rentbox in order to join our group. This will also increase your rental time. This will not increase the number of prims that you may use.

Why am I ejected from my skybox?

You are most likely landing on the skybox below you. It is essential that you take your landmark or set home position close to the rentbox inside the safe zone borders. Teleport flying there to do this.

Why can I not rezz anything?

You need your group tag active. If you lost your group tag use the group button on the rentbox. If it still wont work try creating a prim then rez on top of the prim you created. If you cannot rez from a hud detach and attach again.

Can I allow my partner to switch scenes too?

Yes, scenes can be switched by the main tenant and one partner. To allow the partner to switch scenes the main tenant has to use the partner button on the rentbox or the partner chat command.

Can I transfer the full rights of the skybox to someone else?

Yes, use the transfer button on the rentbox or the transfer chat command.

I cannot find my skybox location.

Return to the Demo area. There is a sign below the desk. Lost Skybox. This will chat you a slurl to your location. The shop assistant that sits on the desk can also do this.

How do I know how many prims I have used?

Select the scene called prim scan. Media tenants need to deed the prim scanner.

Someone left an item at my rental how can I return it?

Select the scene called prim scan. Touch the prim scanner and wait until you see a red arrow pointing to the item. Click on the red arrow to return that item. Return to your normal scene to get rid of extra red arrows.

Why am I am falling through my skybox?

It is essential that you take your landmark or set home position close to the rentbox inside the safe zone borders. Teleport flying there to do this.

Why is the menu not displayed when I touch the rentbox?

  1. Check the title of the rentbox if you are really on your skybox. Maybe your teleport didnt work and you fell on someone elses skybox. See above.
  2. Check if you muted the skybox by mistake: Open your mute list in your viewer. Unmute anything with "[MultiScene]" in the name and unmute the resident "Leooroo Loopen".
  3. If the skybox is still not working contact Leoo Burnstein OR Koniroo Babii.

My items are gone. What can I do?

It said you returned them but they not in lost and found folder? We have a 30 prim limit. We only return prims if your rent has expired, you have 30+ prims or your prims do not comply with our rules. When we do return we return all prims via the land setting. When things are returned in this way, they are returned as coalesced objects, for instance the first one contains 36 of your items, but it will only have the name of one, when you rez it inworld, it will expand back into individual items. If they not there. Please get a support ticket at linden labs. You may refer them to this page.

I would like to upgrade/downgrade/relocate my skybox how do I do that?

Contact Koniroo Babii or Leoo Burnstein and tell them you would like to upgrade, downgrade or move to a different location. They will queue your request and as soon as one is available you get moved. Your days will be adjusted if you opt to move to a more expensive type. Your group membership is adjusted and you get a slurl to the new location. Your items will be returned so please take them into inventory when you send us the request. Please note that we do not consolidate skyboxes.

Can I change/remove this or that furniture?

No, sorry we cannot make changes. All skyboxes are identical. However, we are always open for suggestions and if your request would benefit all tenants, we might include it in the next release. Please write it on a notecard and pass it to Koniroo Babii OR Leoo Burnstein.

There is no door in the roof top scene. How do I get in?

Walk up the ramp and towards the left edge of the building. You notice the wall is slightly transparent and phantom. Walk through it.

How do I get into the Skyline house?

Enter via the balcony. Just walk on the ladder.

Why am I walking in the ground?

Chances are that you stood in the middle of the scene when it rezzed and SL changed the item to phantom so you survived the impact. Please stay near the rentbox when rezzing.

I am stuck in an animation. What can I do?

Your viewer has a stop animation option. But avoid to be on any animations when changing scenes as it will remove the ball you sitting on. We have taken care to avoid this situation but there is a chance that the command to stop your animatiion will not reach the controller as it is already deleted.

What is the rentbox?

Every skybox is controlled by a rentbox which is located at the skybox. You can pay the rentbox to add time to your lease and you can use it to switch between scenes and it allows you to manage the skybox with buttons and chat commands.

How do I select scenes?

You get the scene menu when you touch the rentbox in the upper areas with red background.

It shows all available scenes of the skybox. There is also a "MORE" button to scroll through the scenes. The "NONE" button removes any rezzed scene. This is sometimes useful. For example if you lost an item it is easier to search without a scene.

How can I use the rentbox buttons?

The buttons of the rentbox are located towards its bottom on each face. They help to manage the sykbox in an easy way (as an alternative chat commands can be used). The following buttons are available:

Front side

Scene Book: Will show a book with all the scenes that you can flick through and then click on "rezz" to switch the skybox to this scene

HUD: A scene book that you can wear as a hud an rezz the scenes from


Eject: Immediately ejects everyone from your skybox who is not on your whitelist.

Secure: Toogles secure on/off to auto-remove people who are not on your whitelist.

Quick Scene: A dialog box opens and you can type the name of a scene you want rezzed. It is enough to type the beginning as long as it uniquely identifies it. I.e Pho (for Photoo) Po (for Pool), He (for Hell) etc. This is a very fast way to get the scene you want. Hint: The top of the rentbox is also click-able for quick scene changes.

Left side

Whitelist: Allows you to see, remove and add people to your whitelist.

Group: Re-invites you to the group.

Partner: Shows all people on your whitelist and allows you to select one to make rentbox partner (allow scene changes).

Transfer: Shows all people near the rentbox and allows you to select one to transfer all rentbox rights to that person.

Right side

Title: Allows you to add to the text above the rentbox. i.e. Jack and Jills Place

Hide: Hides and shows your rentbox.

Pic#1 / Pic#2: Allows you to enter 2 UUIDs of your favorite photos. These photos will then be in some of the paintings in the scenes. To get the UUID you must have full perms on the photo/texture. Right click it in your inventory and copy the asset UUID. Once copied it can be pasted in the dialog box that opens after clicking the Pic #1/#2 buttons. To reset simply do not post anything.

How can I use the rentbox chat commands?

In addition to the buttons the rentbox can be operated alternatively by the chat commands below. Please note:

  • One has to stand within the say/shout range towards the rentbox when those commands are entered in chat.
  • Be very careful with names. They must match exactly the agents names (case sensitive). "User names" have to be used, not "display names". First and last name is needed. Add "Resident" as last name if the "user name" is only one word.

Set skybox partner

Saying "/6 partner Peter Linden" will allow Peter Linden to switch scenes for example.

Show whitelist

Saying "/6 show" will show the whitelist in public chat.

Add to whitelist

Saying "/6 add Peter Linden" will add Peter Linden to the whitelist for example.

Remove from whitelist

Saying "/6 remove Peter Linden" will remove Peter Linden from the whitelist for example.

Clear whitelist

Saying "/6 clear" will remove anybody from the whitelist (but not the main tenant).

Set secure mode

Saying "/6 secure on" activates the secure skybox mode and "/6 secure off" deactivates the secure skybox mode.

Transfer skybox

Saying "/6 transfer Peter Linden" will transfer the skybox to Peter Linden for example. From now on the skybox is controlled with all rights by the named resident for the time left. The old tenant cant control the skybox anymore.

What is the whitelist?

Everyone who is allowed to stay at the skybox by the main tenant is added to a whitelist. Persons on the whitelist can visit und use the skybox, even if the main tenant is not present. The list can be displayed and edited using the whitelist button on the rentbox or using chat commands by the main tenant.

How can I remove someone from the whitelist?

Use the whitelist button on the rentbox or the remove chat command.

How can I add someone to the whitelist?

Use the "STAY" button of the dialog which pops up when someone arrives at your skybox or use the whitelist -> add button on the rentbox or the add chat command.

Can my partner add people to the whitelist?


How can I improve my privacy?

If you share the skybox only with some close friends there is a special security mode. After activating it anybody who is not on the whitelist is sent away - even if the tenant is not close to the skybox or offline. Best practice is to add friends to the whitelist first (see above) and then enter secure mode. To activate/deactivate secure mode use the secure button on the rentbox or the secure chat command.

How does the radio work?

For Standard and Exclusive skyboxes the same radio station is broadcast to all our tenants and such station is fixed and cannot be changed by tenants. We will not change the station unless it experiences transmission errors.

Most sims play 80's but we also have locations that play hip hop, classical, house, jazz, blues, gothic and rave. Often the location names reflect the genre. If you prefer a different gender ask us to be relocated (subject to vacancies).

You have also the option to upgrade to an media skybox. They offer full control over radio and tv streams for the tenants. Talk to us if you like this. Your left days will be transfered.

How does the TV work?

For Standard and Exclusive skyboxes a NAT Media Centre is installed. This TV will broadcast your selection to all avatars present in your skybox at the time the selection is made.

You can rez the tv from the rentbox tv button as required.

What features does the TV have?

The following Channels can be received with this TV:

  • Radio
  • YouTube
  • DVD Movies
  • Dailymotion
  • Justin.TV
  • Treet.TV
  • Rezzed.Tv
  • Metaverse
  • Web shared media

Quick operating Guide

  1. Click on the search icon
  2. Type "sailing" in chat (for example)
  3. Select play media

Hint: There are a numerous music broadcasts/radio stations that you can tune into and listen via media channel.

What viewers are supported?

The NAT Media Center is TPVD Policy Compilant and supports most viewers except viewers based on the the outdated v1.x versions: Current versions of SecondLife viewer v2/v3, Firestorm, Phoenix, Imprudence, Emergence, Ascent, Kirsten, Dolphin, Singularity, Snowglobe and Snowstorm are supported.

It doesn't work for me. What can I do?

Check if your viewer is supported (see above) and that you have media enabled in your preferences and that you have the latest flash and quicktime versions installed on your computer. Also make sure, that the streams you are using are not dead. Test your media configuration also in other sims.

We cannot provide any help beyond this.

First Settings ( Audio & Video Settings )

Open your "Preference Windows" (CTRL+P).

PS: The options listed below, may vary according to the viewer that you are using.

  1. Select the "Web" or "Network & Cache" tab (if it exists in your viewer)

    1. Check the option : "Accept cookies from sites" (if it exists in your viewer)
    2. Check the option : "Run javascripts from sites" (if it exists in your viewer)
    3. Check the option : "Enable brower plugins" (if it exists in your viewer)
  2. Select the "Audio & Video" tab or "Sound & Media" tab

    1. Check the option : "Enable Streaming Music When Available" or "Enable" beside the Streaming music bar
    2. Check the option : "Enable Streaming Media When Available" or "Enable" beside the Media bar
    3. Check the option : "Let scripts control my play button" or "Allow resident scripts to play media"
    4. If you are using a "media filter", add the domain to the Whitelist

1. Press the Setting button
1. Press the "Add" button below the Whitelist Domains
1. Type on the text box
1. Press the "Add" button beside the text box to confirm

After using the TV menu I see a blue screen with something looking like a lego block. What can I do?

The creator of the TV Sylvio Runo gives the following instructions to setup the Adobe Flash plugin for Windows users:

If you have not the Firefox, Safari or Opera browser, certainly you have not the flash player plugin required by your viewer. The flash player plugin for Internet Explorer and (or) Google Chrome does not work for SecondLife media and you will must to install the plugin for the "others browsers".

When you try to watch a video and you see a blue clube with a question mark inside as an icon on the screen, this is the indicator that your viewer could not find the plugin required to render the media (in this case ... the adobe flash player plugin), and you must to install it.

Download the plugin required for SecondLife using this link.

Warning: Do not RUN or OPEN the installer from the browser (choose the SAVE button) when the browser ask what you want to do.

  1. Download (choose the SAVE button)
  3. Install the plugin downloaded
  4. Done, you are ready to enjoy flash videos in SecondLife

If you do not know how to download the plugin before install it, install the Firefox browser and its flash player plugin. This action will fix the problem:

  • Firefox download URL here.
  • Open your Firefox browser and install its flash player plugin visiting the Adobe site .

SL has the facility to direct media streams to your computer. This is commonly referred to as media facility (Radio/TV) and is traditionally a land setting. Each parcel can set a stream for radio and another one for TV or other media settings such as web sites. To set the land stream the person/item needs to have "land owner status"

To achieve this the land has been deeded to the group and all you have to do is deed your TV and Radio devices to the land as well.

Media tenants can set the media stream directly in the land settings or use their own media devices. If they use their own devices, they have to be deeded. See below.

Why does my Media skybox come with no TV device?

We grant our media tenants the land owner access rights to media. As such our devices will not work anymore. We removed them from the scenes. The tenant has full land media access and responsibility. This way the tenant can use any TV/Radio they wish.

How do I set the audio stream manually?

In the viewer menu open About Land (in some viewers also called Parcel Details) and select the Audio tab: paste your audio stream URL into the Music URL field. Try to paste this for example:

Hint: In most viewers you can also open the About Land dialog by clicking on the sim name which is displayed as top line in the viewer window.

What is deed and how do I do it?

A deed is a transfer of your item to a group. As only the land owner and their items have access to media we deeded our land. If you deed your items we have the same owner and it will function. Beware that every TV Brand has its own approach and some media devices come with separate receiver for deeding.

  • Activate our group. It must read "MultiScene Media" over your head.
  • Determine what needs to be deeded (like tv or receiver -> read the manual).
  • Right-click, edit the item.
  • Make sure you see the full edit menu [>>]
  • Tick the "Share with group" box (towards the middle, this will enable the deed button)
  • Press the "deed" button
  • Check if the owner of the item now is "Leooroo Rentals" group

How do I get my deeded item back?

A deeded object can not be taken with the "take" command of the viewer. Instead of this it will be returned to the last owner (you) with the "return" command. In most viewers this is can be done by right click on object -> more -> return. The object will be returned to the inventory lost and found folder.

I deeded it but now I can't move it. Why?

You might like to tick the "everyone can move" box prior to deeding

None of these commands work for me. What can I do?

Activate the Leooroo Rental Group. You will see MultiScene Media title then try again

Are my deeded items added to my 30 prim allowance?

Most tv's are under 5 prims. We not concerned about a couple of prims. If your tv is more than that, yes, we will count them towards your allowance.

I did everything correct but it is just not working. What now?

Try these troubleshooting hints:

  • Read your tv makers guide just 1 more time you might have missed a step
  • Move the tv towards the middle of the skybox and stand next to it.
  • TP out of the sim and back in
  • Check if your PC can handle media. Most good media manufacurers have demos in their shops. Can you watch/hear there?
  • Test with different channels/stations not every url broadcasts around the clock.

Notes and hints

  • Not all stations broadcast 24/7.
  • Update your PC to the latest version of Qtime and Flash installed
  • If your Freeby TV wont work and it frustrates you. Spend a few lindens and buy something decent.
  • Second life only offers the facility to redirect streams to your PC. Your computer must be capable of accessing the url and play the media. We cannot troubleshoot your PC nor can we support 3rd party devices.

Our Rental scenes all contain individually selected and adjusted poses. The average scene contains around 350 animations. Multiply that by 40 scenes and you get into the 10000. Furthermore our patrons come in all shapes, sizes and gender. We try to cater for everyone but you cannot expect that all posed fit just for your preferences. Our animations come from many different sources and run on different engines.

How can I help myself?

If the animations don't align perfect for you please consider the following:

  1. Check if your avatars are of average height and size.
  2. Are the poses you using intended for your gender configuration? For instance FF/MM Poses will not align well when used in different gender configurations.

If it is just slightly misaligned you might be able to use the direction keys to adjust. Read local chat for hints how to do that or try your cursor keys.

If the pose has worse issues than just a small misalignment then please follow theses steps:

  1. Is your AO off? Do you have any other attachments that animate you?
  2. Have you given permission to be animated?
  3. Have you left enough time for the animation to load before re-seating?
  4. Have you tried to fix it by moving the ball with direction keys? Read local chat for hints how to do that or try your cursor keys. i.e. ↑, shift →, shift ←, ↓, pgup, pgdn

How do I report a problem?

If all this fails, then please complete and send a notecard to a manager of MultiScene. Include the following information:

  1. What is the name of the scene?
  2. What is the name of the item you are using (rug, chair, etc)?
  3. What is the menu sequence you selected (cuddle, stand kiss, etc)?
  4. What is the problem you experience with it?

What happens next?

We will test and try to recreate the problem. If we find it is a problem we fix it and the fix will be included in our next release. For the time being you can use the other 9999 Animations.


  1. All movement adjustments you make cannot be stored. Due to the nature of our scenes the new rezz will mean you back where you started.
  2. We do not repair on the spot or swap out items.

How can I use the photoo studio?


Photoo is one of our scenes. This is a small quick start guide to get you going with the studio.

  • The photo studio stage and pose stand were created by N30.
  • MultiScene Skybox Rentals is not related to this company.
  • The original documentation of the stage can be found here.
  • The following guide is based on our personal experiences of working with the photo stage and pose stand.
  • We compiled this guide to share our knowledge as a user with you.

Please understand that we do not provide more support on these devices. You have to take some time to learn all the features by using the studio yourself and reading the guide and original documentation. Further support requests will be ignored.


  • Rezz the Photoo scene.
  • Wait for 60 secs until the studio finished the startup process.
  • Turn your AO off.
  • Sit on the pose stand (right click -> work it).
  • Change poses and rotation using the arrows of the pose stand.
  • Change canvas settings using the control panel.
  • Take snapshots with your viewer.
  • Play with all settings and learn more by trial and error. You cant break anything.

If for some reason the studio does not reply to your commands anymore you can select the "None" scene and change back to "Photoo" to start from the beginning.

Control Center

The control center is the remote device on the right side of the canvas.

  • The main menu of the control center is the icon column on its left.
  • Here you can select one of the following sections
    1. Background (picture icon)
    2. Layer (3 colored frames icon)
    3. Lights (2 lights icon)
    4. Language (globe icon)
    5. Effects (star icon)
    6. Favorites (heart icon)
    7. Rezz Props (chair icon)
    8. Remove Props (chair icon with a cross)
    9. Power switch (button icon)
  • Background: In this mode the panel in the center shows 30 small icons of available background. Select one icon to preview it on the right side. Click on the preview panel on the right side to send the background to the canvas. You can adjust colors of the background using the color gradients under the center panel. There are over 200 Backgrounds in the studio. The arrows on the top of the control center are used as pager.
  • Layer: In this mode the panel in the center shows 50 small icons of available transparent layers, which can be combined with any background. Select one icon to preview it on the right side. Click on the preview panel on the right side to send the layer to the canvas. You can adjust colors of the layer using the color gradients under the center panel. You can also adjust the alpha and glow settings of the layer by clicking on it on the canvas. There are over 30 layers in the studio. The arrows on the top of the control center are used as pager.
  • Lights: In this mode the panel in the center shows different lights, which can be fine tuned. For details and examples see here.
  • Language: This mode allows you to change the message language of the studio.
  • Effects: This mode allows you to add particle effects to the scene. There is also a "off" effect.
  • Favorites: This is not working.
  • Props: This mode allows you to add objects to the scene (like a pole). You can also select couple and group poses. There is also an option to turn objects off.
  • Remove Props: If "Props" have been added before, they can be removed with this button.
  • Power switch: Start/Stop the studio. You dont have to use this.

Pose Stand

The pose stand contains about 130 modeling poses (including about 50 male poses).

  • Right click and select "Work it" to sit on the pose stand.
  • You can hide the pose stand with the x-button or chat command /1hide and show it by saying /1show in chat.
  • The pose menu appears after clicking the center pose stand arrow.
  • The "Cycle X" options allow to change the animations every X secs automatically. Use the "stop" button from the menu to end cycling.
  • Some poses have shadowed backgrounds. You can turn this feature on/off in the pose menu (the first shadowed animation is at no 30 or so).
  • You can turn facial expressions on/off in the pose menu.

Tips & Tricks

  • You find couple/group poses in the props mode.
  • The world environment settings have an important impact on the scenery light. You can adjust the environment in your viewer.