Welcome to MultiScene

MultiScene is a skybox community within the Second Life® virtual world. We differ from traditional skybox providers by creating large (4096sqm) all inclusive environments (50 different ones at present) that can be changed between at the press of a button. Our mission is to provide high quality virtual living space for a low price to our members. Read more here.

Vacant skyboxes

The different types of skyboxes compares this sheet.

The skyboxes below are vacant. Click on the links to teleport. Pay the rentbox there to rent.

Standard skyboxes:
Exclusive skyboxes:
Wild Refuge-03-3400
Coral Refuge-00-3600
Final Refuge-03-3400
Media skyboxes:
Slow Refuge-08-0500
Wild Refuge-11-0700
Sorry, no available Demo skyboxes at the moment
More information:
FAQ, Rules, Scene pictures
Slideshows of standard and exclusive scenes

Tampa and Alley in your Box


Have you found your easter surprise? We hid 2 new scenes in your rezzer. "Tampa" is a Mesh House scene for all rezzer types and "Alley" is a Roleplay scene for Exclusive and Media skyboxes.

The role play plaque was also fitted with an additional (5th) menu. Hope you enjoy it. All the best from the MultiScene Team and thank you for renting with us.

3 + 2 + 2 new scenes, TV and more


Our latest release included many features:

Three new scenes for Media skyboxes, two new for Exclusive and two new for Standard skyboxes.

In Exclusive and Standard skyboxes a TV (incl. radio) can now be rezzed from the rentbox.

The prim scanner can be used to return items.

Our MultiRug rezzer and the Plaque device were added to many more scenes.

Barn scene released


We recently added a new scene "Barn" which is available to Exclusive and Media tenants.

Barn is the first off our scenes that features our newest creation the MultiRug rezzer.

Set in a tranquil little forest the building has a lovely upstairs living area and downstairs quarters for those of you that prefer their quadruple form.

New scene Pirates released


Avast here ye exclusive landlubbers!!!

We gave ye th' scene scurvy pirate. fer ye to set sails. We woe ye have a lot 'o a ruckas wit' it.
We also moved th' scene ghost to th' exclusive rental ye must check out th' new plaque menu.
Now double th' items.

Here comes the Dome


Finally we upgraded all skyboxes. In addition to 2 new scenes, the new version allows exclusive and media skyboxes to add a dome around their skybox. The dome is a big sphere which enhances the privacy making it hard to zoom into a skybox. It also improves the atmosphere of the skybox with proper backgrounds.

There is a new "Dome" button on the outside of the rentbox. This brings up a menu. By clicking on "Auto" the dome is activated and its textures are varied automatically when scenes are changed using suitable themes.

Mesh and two new scenes


Today we have added 2 new scenes Dawn (Media) and Cottage (Media and Exclusive) to the skyboxes. Please note that these scenes contain Mesh prims which will require you to use one of the latest viewers. If you cannot see these scenes correctly it is because your viewer is not capable of displaying it.

A few month ago Linden Lab introduced another method of making objects in SL. Commonly referred to as Mesh. Mesh prims are created using 3d modeling tools and can look very realistic. We will see a the look of SL change drastically over the next couple of years.

Swamp and Ghost Scenes for you


Here’s to the crazy ones. The witches, the ghouls, the goblins. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world. Are the ones who do. Here is living space for you: enjoy our two new scenes Swamp (in media and exclusive skyboxes) and Ghost (in media skyboxes).

Galaxy Scene - immerse yourself


Our newest scene lays the universe at your feet. Imagine the impact you have on your date! Millions, no, billions of stars held together by gravitational attraction. Who could resist?